New Adventure: A Year-Long Journal Swap

I envy and use for inspiration the book True Colors from a few years ago by a group of collaborative artists who exchanged art journals with each other. Because I long to share my art with another person on a deep level, I jumped at the chance to collaborate with another artist through "Blissfully Art Journaling,"
moderated by the wonderful Kim Owens. Kim keeps this rowdy group in-line by giving us daily journal prompts. She also matched a fellow artist from California and me through telephone interviews. We are about to embark on a year-long journal swap starting this month.

My journal will follow the model by Teesha Moore (one of my idols) shown on YouTube of her 16-page 8 x 10" journal made from one sheet of watercolor paper. If you haven't seen the videos, search for it and watch it. She's terrific.

My journal partner and I have elected to send signatures and bind later. My first signature will deal with "Things I Used to Be," and will include some "Defining Moments." I plan to title the next signature "Things I Am Now" and the third one, "Things I Want to See and Be."
The picture above is the cover of my first signature.


Kim said...

Wow, Lucy!! I love the concept you and V have come up with. What a great idea to create signatures and bind later - love it!! Can't wait to hear about the process for the two of you. Thanks for joining the group and the Partnership Project - have fun :-)

CassandraRussell said...

Wonderful idea! I love your blog and wish I could attend the MM classes!
How do you take part in the swap?

Lucy said...

Hi Cassandra and Kim,

Cassandra, join Kim's group and she'll hook you up the next time she has a journal swap.

Thanks for commenting!

Marilyn Harris Mills aka Maer said...

Lucy I wish you a pivotal experience with your journal partner...sharing our art takes us to new levels within ourselves. Enjoy.

Bella said...

Interesting, I really like this. I look forward to seeing the others. And congratulations on your Dress painting being selected for the show. It's a beautiful piece of work.

Lucy said...


Thanks for your kind wish.

Lucy said...


Thanks for commenting. I just joined your beautiful website.