"Hooked: Three Generations"Sells.  Heading to Charleston.

Look out Charleston.  One of my "Hooked" Series is heading your way!
I am so excited to know that "Hooked:  Three Generations" has been
sold and will hang in a home in Charleston, South Carolina.  The buyer
has promised to send a picture when it's installed over a credenza in her
dining room.  This painting was also selected to be in this year's York
County (SC) Annual Judged Competition.  This painting is part of a
series of 6 paintings I made from photographs I took in Myrtle Beach,
South Carolina a few years ago.

Gone Fishing

"Hooked - Three Generations"

"Hooked - A Helping Hand"

"Hooked - The Morning of the Blue Heron"
These latest paintings (out of a series of five)
were from photos I took of people fishing off
a pier in South Carolina.  I inadvertently lost
the originals when I posterized them while
using Photoshop.  I was intrigued by the light
and shade that morning and the colors I saw.