Laure Ferlita's Journal Course

I'm taking an online course from Laure Ferlita at called "Foundations" class. We are learning to use the waterbrush and watercolor, neither of which I've done much with. She's a real patient and attentive teacher and we have a good group. I've included some of our journal assignments so far.


Anonymous said...

okay! so i'm thrilled to have met you! i love your talent!
your work is like music to my ears..only it's eye candy! so I guess I could have just said that, right! hehee

I love meeting up with other artists here in blogland...and this blog hop linky list is just it has led me to you!

i'll be following your blog!
and I do hope to see you stop by my little part of the world too....

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Lucy said...

Well, it's a mutual admiration society! Love your beautiful blog. Hope you'll join my followers.


ayra k said...

just hopped onto your blog from Blissfully Art Journaling - enjoy reading your blog and look forward to future entries!

Lucy said...

Hi Ayra,
Thanks for stopping by. I'll try to post more often.

Useful Books said...

Hey, those look familiar! :) Great glass and I really admire your work.